Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I Can't Keep To Long

While I was driving, my cousin's wife said.. "Nice sun glasses ci (older sister).. cute.. it's Virsace yah..!" then I told her the story how I got it & also another Virsace sun glasses which is in another car.. both more than 10 years.. then I said to her "I take care of my goods well and I can keep it for so long.. (quiet for a moment).. only a husband that I can't keep it to long.. since he can move by himself.." WAKAKA=D o◦°˚=D °˚°◦o=D WAKAKA=D o◦°˚ WAKAKA=D o◦°˚ we both laught out loud ѠӚҜӚҜӚҜӚ :D

Pas gw lg ngetir.. istri spupuh gw komentar.. "Kacamatanya bagus ci.. lucu.. Virsace yah..!" trus gw crita asal muasal 'tuh kacamata.. jg Virsace yg di mobil satunya.. dua-duanya dah lama banget.. lbh dr 10 thn.. trus gw blg.. "Cici mah orangnya sayang barang & kalo pny barang awet.. (hening sejenak).. cuma suami doang yg gak awet.. hbs dia bergerak sih.." WAKAKA=D o◦°˚=D °˚°◦o=D WAKAKA=D o◦°˚ WAKAKA=D o◦°˚ qta beduaan ngakak.. ѠӚҜӚҜӚҜӚ :D

Joke of the day.. :D


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