Saturday, July 7, 2012

Internet Relationship

Someone asked me.. "What do you think about internet relationship..??" 
Hmm◦°˚˚˚°◦ internet is only a media where we can meet people, isn't it.. Just like school, work place, gyms & so on.. The important thing is where the relationship will go.. If it won't go anywhere & no purpose, I don't think its worth to call it as relationship.. except fun, killing time or... (fill the blank) Ђƺђƺ :D Ђƺђƺ

My friend Richard said: I have a feeling they meant internet relationship as in cyber sex. No good. Relationship as in getting to know someone, great. As to where it leads to is another story.

That's what I meant by fill the blank.. Ђƺђƺ :D Ђƺђƺ

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