Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Page

Easter's coming soon.. so I updated my website
There are some articles about Easter.. in English & my language Indonesian..

So.. come visit my website..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fire Evacuation Simulation

On Friday.. secretly someone told me that there will be a simulation for fire evacuation on Monday, but no one knew what time it might happen. I just inform them, there will be a BOD meeting around ten so make sure they do it after that.

On Monday.. March 15, 2010. Secretly again.. hehehe.. I heard it will happen after lunch.. around 3 o'clock. Since I know about this.. I carried my mobile at anytime & some cash in my pocket.. just in case I want to buy something down there.. :)

After lunch, when I was about ready to go to the restroom.. I saw one of my staff, with worried face, ran to tell her friends to go out from the building; and the rule.. by the stairs.

Opps.. in my mind: is it the time.. oh.. shoot.. I need to go to the restroom badly.. well it's only a simulation.. I better go first.. Can you imagine.. while people were so panic.. and I still thought about restroom.. well I need to.. I have to take care of my business to avoid my suffer.. hehehe..

Although I knew what actually happen, but I have to pretend.. "Mam.. don't you wanna bring your laptop..?" asked an office girl... "Na.. It's ok.. let's go down..!!" I answered.

I saw lots of worried faces while going down by the stairs.. some of them even brought their bag.. "Jen.. you don't bring your bag?" someone asked me.. "No.. No time to take it, I was from the restroom." I was trying to be a good actress.. qiqiqi..

That stairs.. seem so long & still tiring.. even after the second time. I remembered back then, in 1997, when there was an earthquake.. I also had to go down by the stairs, the different was.. back then.. I carried my 2nd baby in my tummy.. :D

Finally.. I landed safely in the ground floor.. with shaky-shaky feet.. hehehe.. Panic faces everywhere & wondering eyes looking for answer.. what actually happen. I was still being a good actress. They guided us to one place.. and when the mineral water were given to us.. then.. people figured out that was only a simulation.. ha..ha..ha..

How do they took it..? Not really sure.. but I knew for sure, they will have some story to talk about at least for couple days.

After a while, we have to go back to our place & so crowded; with cash in my pocket.. I decided to go to Dunkin Donat, across the building, first; to have some cold drink and guess what.. I was not the only one, some of them already there before me. Great..!!

What an experience ah; eventhough, I knew from the beginning it was only a simulation, but I already decided to participate.

Something that I hope it will never happen in a reality.. but at least I knew how it feel. Nothing to lose anyway.. although, the pain in my legs last for 3 days.. but no regret at all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Architect Instinct

My work place was restructured.. some of the staff were moved to other departments and we are under new boss too (2 level above me) :) Since only about 18 people left, including me, so we have to renovated our office space, put them all together in one room from 3 different rooms.

The good thing was.. my new boss trusted me & gave me responsibility to design that room.. Wow.. How I took it..?! Glad.. I'm so glad.

To be an Architect was my goal when I was young; although I ended up study business, but the passion is always there.. After my own house.. this little project can bring my architect instinct to a reality again..

Even better.. my boss allowed me to have my own concept too.. wihh... great..!! One rule.. we have to use old furniture... hehehe.. no problemooo...

My concept was simple.. I want the room to have enough sun-light, nit, comfortable, friendly.. and most of all.. my staff can have their own privacy.. :)

Finally.. It's come to a reality.. it's all done satisfiedly.. My staff are happy with their new place & space.. and make other staff from different department jealous.. qiqiqi..

Saturday, March 6, 2010