Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011

Thn 2010 dah mo abis masa kontraknya.. tinggal brp jam lg, 2011 akan datang.. Sambil jalanin aktifitas qta bs review, apa yg dah qta buat.. apa yg belum.. & apa yg mst qta lakukan/benahin di thn brikut.. Yg pst tinggalkan kepahitan & sgala hal yg membebani langkah qta.. gk usah dibawa2 ke thn yg baru. Qta songsong thn ...yg baru ini dgn pikiran positif & optimis.. Tuhan memberkati.

Tukar Kado & Makan Sore @ GA

In the time like this.. there is no wall.. no position.. no race.. no religion.. Together in Harmony..

Happy New Year 2011 ~ God bless our department.. always.. :D

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Celebrating Afifah Birthday

Tuesday, Dec 28, 2010 ~ Celebrating mba Fifa's 55th Birthday.. Happy birthday 'ma-nya hehehe.. Thanks for being such a wonderful person to me, my kids & family.. God bless you & your family.. Love you.. a lot :)

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Go Go Indonesia Go

Selamat berjuang & bermain untuk TimNas Indonesia..
Smangat.. Do your best.. God bless you all.. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lets Rock.. Christ is Born

Merry Christmas 2010

Yυ◦°˚°◦hυυ◦°˚˚˚°◦¤ Christ is born.. tons of joys.. huge happiness.. fulfill the atmosphere.. Merry Christmas everyone.. :) Yahweh loves us all.

Christmas: Celebration
The joy of Christmas is based on three things:
(1) God loves us;
(2) God is with us;
(3) God is for us.
Can you hear the celebration in that?!

May Christmas always bring you tons of joy & huge happiness..

~Jenny & Kids~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brosur for Christmas 2010

Brosur dah siap edar nih.. Thanks GOD today dah dpt orderan lumayan banyak.. Trima kasih buat berkat-MU Bapa.. Love You always

Sunday, December 5, 2010

GT Annual Gathering | Nov 2010

[Friday, Nov 26, 2010] This year's annual GT gathering was held in Bandung on 26-27 November 2010. We depart from the office on Friday around 11:45. There were 6 bus: 5 of the head office and 1 from the factory.

For some reason, my cousin, Janna & I decided to go alone using her car :) 6 of us in the car: me, my cousins Janna & Irvan, mba Fifa, mba Ning & a driver.

Seeing some friends changed their BB's profile picture, took it while in the bus.. we didn't want to miss it either. Oops.. I forgot to take picture with Janna.. Sorry cousin.

The road was quite full but no so heavy traffic.. that's good.. Although we arrive a little bit out of the plan, that make the program started late also, but.. we always have time to take picture.. hehehe..

DD's Club Girls

Hmm.. the seminar was good.. but I think the place & time was not really right. Some people were not really interested.. since the gathering was from top to bottom people; maybe they don't even get the idea what he's talking about. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to underestimated people, not even one soul; but that what I saw & some people said the same thing.

I guess in time like this, they should have the speakers who talks about daily life.. Who give us motivation & encouragement.. Not the heavy one.. Light one, which's easy to understand, but meaningful.

The speech from President Direction was good.. while listening & laughing with table mate hehehe.. I was thinking what can I apply his speech to my department.. to be part of making GT from good to great company.. And I think I get it..

The other good thing was the food.. damn... awesome.. :D We brought some food, just incase.. but since the food satisfied us.. we should brought our food back.. hahaha..

Finally.. before closing the first day program.. dancing.. dangduts.. dangduts.. After that, we continue the day by hanging out in our room.. casing moment.. TQ cousin Janna for all the nice-cute BB's casing.

[Saturday, Nov 27, 2010] Woke up in the morning.. with only few hours sleep.. Got ready for the fun & challenge with my new sock.. hahahah... but before that.. let have breakfast & some pictures of course.. :)

Late people.. out site the fence hahaha..

After the morning exercise & Tumble Tots-ing movement.. we're divided into several group for the outbound activity. Surprisingly.. I was in group no 4 together with 2 others DD's girls.. what a luck ah.. and we had so much fun.. & more puncturing too of course.. :) We named the group Mumoy Mumumoy.. based on our guider's name.. hehehe..

The food was awesome.. dinner.. breakfast.. & lunch.. no complaining for this. Thumbs up

This year outing was fun.. need a little bit improvement, but over all it was good; much much much better than last year.

Well.. gently, I have to take back all the negative thoughts & words that I said before.. Can't blame it, it's all because of the bad experience we had last year; but this one... I think will help lots of people to erase their bad memory from the last year event.. Good Job People..!!

Visit my site and see more pictures of GT Annual Gathering 20010 enjoy it.

God bless you all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Next Outing

Jiiii.. kenapa yah.. koq kayanya banyak yang gak exciting ma rencana outing yang mo diadain ma kantor gw akhir bulan ini, termasuk gw juga sih.. malah sebaliknya yang gw denger justru keluhan.. Kenapa bisa begitu yah..?

Kayanya dulu-dulu kalo dah denger mo outing pada semangat.. malah looking foward sampe hari H-nya.. tapi skarang melempet. Terkesan terpaksa.. ya kalo gak bisa ikut mesti pake bikin surat segala sih.. nyari alasannya yang bingung kali yee, plus efek kedepannya.. akhirnya yah dgn terpaksa ikutlah.

Setelah gw liat susunan acaranya.. hahaha.. wajarlah kalo pada melempem.. reaksi gw juga begitu koq.. Ngebayangin boring & capeknya aza dah bikin mental drop.. hahaha..

Gw gak bener2 paham sih apa tujuan & maksud outing ini.. tp kalo menurut gw.. bukankah itu saatnya qta bisa having fun ma temen2 kantor di luar jam & suasana kerja.. Sekalian mempererat hubungan & tali persaudaraan.. Dimana qta bisa berdiri sejajar.. gak dipisahkan dgn jabatan / level. Tapi kenapa mst dijejelin ma seminar lagi yah.. hhmmm..

Seperti outing tahun lalu.. karna ada guest speaker akhirnya.. dipisahkan jadi 2 kelompok.. berdasarkan posisi.. dari situ aza kata "kebersamaan" dah di nodai.. ttp aza gap itu diciptakan lagi.. Ooh.. mungkin karna kejadian tahun lalu itu yang bikin qta2 pada gak exciting x yah.. dah bisa nerka-nerka kira2 sperti apa.. Bedanya tahun lalu gak pake nginep.. tahun ini pake nginep.. alamak.. huhuhu...

Anehnya lagi.. mo outing aza pake EO sgala.. walah.. meningan juga lebih banyak libatin karyawan.. dari kita.. oleh kita.. untuk kita.. nah itu baru kebersamaan.. Mening cost EQ-nya di alokasikan jd door prize.. pasti lebih exciting.

Yah tunggu tanggal mainnya azalah.. gw cuma peserta jadi gak punya suara.. hahahaha.. Qta liat aza gimana reaksi & cerita akhirnya.. :D

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Temu Kangen SMA Budhaya '88 @ Terrace Cafe

Me & my genk @ High School

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

God.. I'm Ready

I'm strong but part of me still weak.. I did let it go but part of me still hopping.. although it's only a small part but it's still bothering.. hurting.. & holding me back.. God has shown me lots of things.. I can fight no more but surrender.. I don't wanna ask for it & I will not pray about it.. It's all up to YOU.. ...& God.. I'm ready.. I believe YOU know what best for me..

Happy 1st Month Jaeden

Friday, September 17, 2010

He Will Carry You

One of my cousin as me this: 'so to whom you curhat (talk to) ci.. when you have problems or miss him; lots of people talk or curhat to you.. how about yourself?'

♣◦◦Õσps◦◦Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ never thought I'll get this kind of question.. Hέέ..hέέ..hέέ ☺ Need a moment for me to think & answered it.. ♥ Irvan Gozali but I think.. this should be the right answer:

Sunday, September 12, 2010