Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shock Up Birthday Surprise

By JennyGozali – May 28, 2010

It was my special day.. I just turned 41.. I really gladful for all the attention I got from family, relatives & friends, even friends whom I met in net world. I guess this year was the most greetings & wishes I ever have all my life; hmm... may be it’s true.. life begins at 40 hehehe..

I really thanks to Facebook which connected me with all my lost friends again and find me new friends also; through, this network I got most of my greeting wishes. One of my friend even wrote a comment: Happy Birthday Jen........ your fb so excited, I enjoy it. (Tona A Pasaribu).

All the greetings, wishes & words made me feel so happy & wonderful; but.. the most unforgettable thing was a shock up birthday surprise I got from my colleague.

I heard they want to have an evening meal in the office for my birthday, one of my staff, Mariani, made meat balls soup. Honestly, I had something in mind.. I wanted to buy some donuts; but, since my time a little bit crowed and I had a meeting with legal officers, that plan slipped out of my mind.. Sorry guys.. I’ll make up.. Monday ok :)

After the meeting was done.. I went back to the office & straight to them, suddenly one of my staff reported me that the legal letter we processed yesterday was a fake.. I shocked & said.. "how come..??" and my other staff who standed quite far from me, tried to explain it. Suddenly my boss said.. "You go there, see how the original look like..!!"

Wohh.. my mind went bananas.. wondering how could be.. yesterday we done an excellent work.. and I keep telling them “good job.. good job..” and now they tell me it’s a fake...??

I walked to see the original paper.. and what I see was a cake & candle.. suddenly.. they sang.. "Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.." hahaha... man.. they really shocked me up..!!

What a surprise ah.. made me speechless.. When I saw what written in the cake.. I was flattered.. wow... and I got flowers too from Hendra & family..

Thank you so much guys/gals... I really.. really appreciate for what you have done.. everything.. including the shock therapy hehehe..

Again.. thank you so much.. may our relationship last forever, not just as co workers but also as friends & family.. Love you all.

Greetings & Wishes from my staff via FB

Hendra Gaffar Pada dasarnya manusia dilahirkan untuk dapat saling memberi, saling mengasihi dan segala kebaikan. 41 th yang lalu seseorang terlahir tanpa diminta untuk dilahirkan, tanpa diminta untuk memberi tapi membri tanpa pamrih, mengasihi tanpa harus dibelaskasihi. slamat ulang tahun smoga panjang umur, sehat n sukses slalu. Wednesday at 10:07am

Wahyu Eko Sugiharto Happy birthday ya bu sukses n yg terpenting sehat selalu.. Wednesday at 2:49am

Friday, May 28, 2010

My 41th Birthday

To all my relatives & friends.. thank you so much for your greetings & wishes.. via SMS, BB, FB, others Network & also in person.. Its really meant so much to me..
♥ Love you all & God bless... :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You

Lord.. Thank You for today 41 years ago.. Thanks for everything You've done & gave to me all this time.. Thank You for all the blessing.. for today.. tomorrow & for days/months/years to come.. You're awesome Lord.. ♥ Mom.. Thank you for having me & being such a wonderful mom.. Love you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One God & Free Will

Wondering.. kenapa masih ada org yg mempertanyakan: siapa Tuhan kmu. Aku percaya hanya ada 1 Tuhan dalam dunia ini, yang membedakan adalah kepercayaan & cara kita berhubungan dengan-NYA. Aku yakin jika Allah menginginkan, dalam skejap DIA bisa saja membuat kita smua percaya & menggunakan 1 cara.. tapi DIA tidak melakukan itu, karna DIA telah memberi kita hak.. yaitu Hak Untuk Memilih / Free Will.. & kita harus hargai itu.. GBU all..

Wondering.. why there are people still asking: who your GOD is. I believe there is only one God in this universe, the difference is the believe & ways how we conect to HIM. I'm sure if God's willing, in one second HE can makes us all believe & use 1 method.. but He doesn't do that cause HE had give us the right.. which is the right to choose / Free Will.. and we have to respect that.. GBU all..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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