Saturday, May 19, 2007

Internet Goldmines

Internet makes our life a whole lot easier nowadays, seems like there is no limit to how much information we can access daily. With the help of Internet, information is made available easily and fast. True, there are still some who use the Internet simply to send emails, browse the Internet, chatting, or playing games. That was me, but I have now discovered a whole new face of the Internet World.

I joined the two days workshop of Internet Income by Ewen Chia, and it opened my eyes. The workshop made me realize the endless possibilities of how I can better use the Internet, It gave me many new ideas, and I am soon inspired to want to be like one of those who are successful in Internet Marketing business.

If you enjoy to be in front of a computer a lot (like how I am), why can’t we make a better use of it? We can certainly do something more valuable by allowing it to generate income for us as well. Let me put it this way, hidden inside this Internet world, there are plenty of goldmines awaiting for the right miners to dig for gold. The questions is, do we want to be that gold miners? And how much do we want it? [05/03/07]

"Success doesn't come to you... you go to it" ~ Marva Collini

jg: TQ to my cousin, Evy, who support me for my interest in internet world. Love u ;)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I made.... it

My 1st site for my Internet Marketing Business