Thursday, October 18, 2012

He Knows Me

Friday afternoon.. I heard that Nancy Coen (from US) is visiting my aunt's office.. so I thought this weekend she might come to my aunt's house to meet us too.. it's across my mind that.. 'if I meet Nancy, I wanna ask her to pray for me.' there is one thing in my live that I was not really think about it, but lately it's became one of my issue.. I didn't tell anyone about what I have in mind. Friday night my cousin messaged me.. "Ci.. Saturday at 12 come to our house yah Nancy will be here.." ahaa.. :D

Saturday afternoon, me & some other people gather with Nancy.. we talked and discuss about our journey with Him.. because there's one family who cannot stay longer, so Nancy stopped the discussion to start the prayer.. but before she do that she said.. "but.. before I pray for anyone else.. I wanna pray for Jenny first.." with her hand holding my hand.. Wow :D Inside the room I asked her.. "How do you know?" (hehehe stupid question) she laughed & answered.. "Coz Holy Spirit knows.. He knows everything about you.." It is remarkable .. My God is alive .. Thank You Lord .. & Thank You for the answer too ~ _ ^

Like the lyric says..
He knows my name.. He knows my every thought.. He sees each tear that falls.. and He hears me when I call.. I have a Father.. He calls me His own.. He'll never leave me.. No matter where I go..

Jumat siang.. gw denger klo Nancy Coen (dr US) berkunjung ke kantor tante gw.. so gw berfikir pasti wiken ini dia akan ke rmh tante gw & ketemu ma qta2 jg.. terlintas di benak gw.. 'ah.. klo ketemu Nancy mo minta di doain ah..' ada 1 hal dlm kehidupan gw yg slama ini gak terlalu gw pusingin tp blakangan ini menjd suatu yg gw pikirin.. dan gw gak blg dgn siapapun kalo gw pengen minta di doain. Jumat malam sepupuh gw BB "Ci.. Sabtu jam 12 ke rmh yah ada Nancy.." ahaa.. :D

Sabtu siang gw & beberapa org lainnya kumpul dgn Nancy.. ngobrol tentang pengalaman2 qta bersama DIA.. Krn ada yg hrs pergi, pembicaraan qta dipotong dulu krn Nancy mo berdoa utk org itu.. tp sblm dia lakukan itu.. dia bekata.. "but.. before I pray for anyone else.. I wanna pray for Jenny first.." sambil megang tangan gw.. Wow.. :D Sampai di ruangan gw sempet tny.. "How do you know?" (hehehe stupid question..) Nancy tertawa & menjawab.. "Coz Holy Spirit knows.. He knows everything about you.." Sungguh luar biasa.. Tuhan-ku memang hidup.. Thank You Lord.. & thank You for the answer too ~_^

Seperti dalam lyric ini
Dia tahu nama saya .. Dia tahu setiap pikiran saya .. Dia menganggap setiap air mata yang jatuh .. dan Dia mendengar saya ketika saya sebut .. Saya memiliki Bapa .. Dia memanggil saya sendiri .. Dia tidak akan pernah meninggalkan saya .. Tidak peduli di mana aku pergi ..


Anonymous said...

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JennyGozali said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment.. GBU