Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello & Let Go

by JennyGozali ~ Jun 16, 2011

You said hello and came into my life..

Asking for a chance to be the one for me..
and promised to make all my dream come true.
You've had colors my days with happiness & butterfly feeling..
and showed me the illustration of beautiful future.
I floated but I still touch the ground.

Now.. it all seem fading away.
I don't even know if all that was real..
but the feeling of happiness & butterfly was real.

I'm hoping but I still touch the ground.
I did my best and I realize..
doesn't matter how I feel..
if I can't hold you back then I won't.
I might left out with tears & another pain..
but if I can't have you, I have to let go the feeling too.

My tear is only a sign for saying goodbye..
and the pain is only another experience & adventure..
which will add more colors in the page of my life.

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