Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Architect Instinct

My work place was restructured.. some of the staff were moved to other departments and we are under new boss too (2 level above me) :) Since only about 18 people left, including me, so we have to renovated our office space, put them all together in one room from 3 different rooms.

The good thing was.. my new boss trusted me & gave me responsibility to design that room.. Wow.. How I took it..?! Glad.. I'm so glad.

To be an Architect was my goal when I was young; although I ended up study business, but the passion is always there.. After my own house.. this little project can bring my architect instinct to a reality again..

Even better.. my boss allowed me to have my own concept too.. wihh... great..!! One rule.. we have to use old furniture... hehehe.. no problemooo...

My concept was simple.. I want the room to have enough sun-light, nit, comfortable, friendly.. and most of all.. my staff can have their own privacy.. :)

Finally.. It's come to a reality.. it's all done satisfiedly.. My staff are happy with their new place & space.. and make other staff from different department jealous.. qiqiqi..

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