Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Kartini Day

Selamat Hari Kartini..
Kebayang gk sih.. klo gk ada Kartini, gimana qta wanita Indonesia skrg ini.. Mgkn pingitan msh marak, perjodohan paksa msh merajalela and dah pst facebook gk ramai ma org Indo.. :D ђёe..ђёe..ђёe..ђёe..™:D ♧Ʈhäƞĸ◦ƔoƱ♧ Kartini :) | Liat Tentang Kartini

Happy Kartini Day ..
Can't we imagine.. if there was no Kartini, how Indonesia women are nowaday.. Seclusion may still prevalent, arranged marriages are still forced everywhere.. and definitely facebook are not crowded with Indonesia people .. : D ђёe ђёe .. .. .. ђёe ђёe .. ™: D ◦ ƔoƱ ♧ ♧ Ʈhäƞĸ Kartini :) | See About Kartini

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