Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You

Lord.. Thank You for today 41 years ago.. Thanks for everything You've done & gave to me all this time.. Thank You for all the blessing.. for today.. tomorrow & for days/months/years to come.. You're awesome Lord.. ♥ Mom.. Thank you for having me & being such a wonderful mom.. Love you.


M Tendeyong said...

Hellooo Len,
Happy belated birthday. I google your name few minutes ago and found out your blogs/website. Sooo happy to be able to keep in touch with you again.
Salam buat mami kamu ya, Tjiang2 & John.
Kalo sempat e-mail ya.
Ci Mel

JennyGozali said...

Ci Mel... TQ...
Wah.. you know what.. this pass few weeks I've been thinking about you.. Ci Mel gimana kabarnya yah.. aduh nyarinya dimana sih... :) Aku coba cari di FB gak ketemu jg hehehe..
Eh today.. you found me.. wow.. so happy.. God is great
Emai ci Mel apa.. me
Gbu 2 ci Me...