Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank You Lord myspace graphic comments


Thank You for everything you've gave me in this life, in my pass & present; the good & bad; the happiness & sadness; and... for the best gift that You sent me from above, my two boys.

Thank You for everything that You'll give to me for later, tomorrow and the future.
I know... You know what best for me, and I also know if I make wrong choices, You'll be there to guide me and make it right.

Thank You for all angels that You sent me through my relatives, family & friends that I have; their support, love & care for me & my boys are priceless.

Last but not least.... Thank You for the best mom... I have.

Your present, Your patient & Your love make me who I am now...

Ps: Guys & gals, thanks for all the birthday greetings....via emails, off messages, sms, chat & phone. Special Thanks for Rina & 00 something :)

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Lacy said...

You write very well.